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Prevention of dust emissions at a truck loading station.
The crushed BASALT is taken from a silo unit , transported over a conveyor belt system to the loading point where it is tipped directly onto the truck.

Granularities of 0/2 - 2/5 - 5/8 and 8/11 of the stored rock are included in the dust suppression system.

The photos show truck loading with 0/2 granularity with and without use of an active ECS dust suppression system.
The maximum delivery capacity of the ECS installation is 5000 litres per hour
The actual quantity of service fluids used is:
power drain
1015 litres of water per hour
0,25 litres of tenside per hour
4,0 kw
Related to the handling capacity of 350 tons per hour the additional humidity in the Material is 0.29%
The proportion of dust still remaining in the surrounding air is £ 12mg/m³