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Prevention of dust emissions in storage of CEMENT CLINKER
The CEMENT CLINKER to be handled is transported by means of a conveyor belt system to the clinker storage hall. This hall is equipped with a tripper car which travels under the ridge of the hall roof. The clinker is then tipped from there.
The photos show the hall during storing of clinker with and without use of an active ECS dust suppression system. The pictures speak for themselves.
The maximum delivery capacity of the ECS installation is 2500 litres per hour
The actual quantity of service fluids used is:
power drain
880 litres of water per hour
0,22 litres of tenside per hour
2,2 kw
Related to the handling capacity of 400 tons per hour the additional humidity in the Material is 0.22%
The proportion of dust still remaining in the surrounding air is £ 15mg/m³